Orbital Moon: Release Notes

See the instructions file for general information.

Release Notes for 3.1:

Info screen times are now shown in the same 12-hour or 24-hour format as the main face. Minor improvements and fixes.

Release Notes for 3.0:

Correcting non-app release issues.

Release Notes for 2.9:

Removed old version from the distribution.

Release Notes for 2.8:

Distribution app updated to meet new Google Play requirements.

Release Notes for 2.7:

Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the moon phase to display incorrectly.

Release Notes for 2.6:

Workaround for a bug in Watchmaker that affected the burn-in avoidance.

Release Notes for 2.5:

Fixed an issue with the temperature defaulting to built-in when extended weather information is available.

Improved the visibility of the background image in dim mode.

Release Notes for 2.4:

The rise and set indicators now adjust to the 12-hour view. If the face is in 12-hour mode they will be at the outer edge of the dial if the event is within the current half-day (AM or PM) and will be slightly further inward if the event occurs during the following half-day.

Release Notes for 2.3:

Fixed issue with the face using the built-in temperature data even when extended weather information was available.

Release Notes for 2.2:

Fixed an issue with the measures that protect against burn-in.

Release Notes for 2.1:

Fixed a number of minor errors that could cause elements, such as moonrise and moonset indicators, to appear when they should not have been visible.

Release Notes for 2.0:

Minor fixes and description cleanups. Now available from Google Play.

Release Notes for 1.9:

Added the text information screen.

Release Notes for 1.8:

Added a 24-hour face option.

Release Notes for 1.7:

Added icons to Settings screen. Updated description to include new features.

Release Notes for 1.6:

Improved dim mode.

Release Notes for 1.5:

Fixed an issue with a reversed image.

Release Notes for 1.4:

Fixed a battery drain problem. Improved dim mode.

Release Notes for 1.3:

Added optional indicators for moonrise, moonset, sunrise, sunset, and the 24-hour time.

Release Notes for 1.2:

First public release.