Orbital Weather: Instructions

The top sub-dial shows sunrise yellow hand, sunset orange hand, moonrise light grey hand, moonset dark grey hand, low tide cyan hand, and high tide green hand as well as the current 24-hour time. The moon hands and tide hands can be turned turned on and off in Settings.

The moon is shown in its current phase. An arc around the moon indicates its current age and can be turned off in Settings. Note that the moon phase and age are only updated in roughly three-day increments unless you are using WU for WM which provides daily updates.

A digital time display next to the top sub-dial can be turned on and off in Settings. The digital time will also appear whenever the hands are not showing the time.

The bottom sub-dial is the stopwatch with hands for hours, minutes, and seconds. When not reset there will also be digital displays that include hundredths.

The lower right sub-dial shows charge levels for the watch and phone.

The upper left sub-dial shows the wind direction. The upper digital inset indicates the wind speed and the lower, if present, the gust speed.

The lower left sub-dial shows the relative humidity white hand and probability of precipitation hollow hand on the left and the air pressure on the right. The triangle to the right indicates the air pressure trend.

The far left icon shows the forecast for the current day. You can choose between that and an icon for the current conditions in the Settings. A tiny "c" will appear above if it is showing current conditions. The icon turns yellow after an hour of weather update errors and red after four hours of errors.

The inner left numbers show the forecast high and low on the top and bottom. In between to the left is the current temperature. The feelslike apparent temperature appears to the right if it is different. The feelslike temperature can be turned turned on and off in Settings. The degree symbol after the current temperature turns red if the feelslike temperature is higher than the current temperature and blue if it is lower.

If you are using the "WM Phone Notification Mode" app (available on Google Play) your phone's notification mode will be shown near the inner end of the top hour mark on the outer dial. A pair of bars in a V-shape indicate that the phone is set to vibrate-only mode. A single horizontal bar indicates that the phone is set to silent mode.

The red line on the outer dial indicates magnetic North. It can be turned on or off in Settings mode and is disabled by default for some watches.

Tapping the top sub-dial switches tap modes from Normal to Stopwatch to Settings and back.

Tapping the center will move the main hands to a position where all sub-dials and windows are unobstructed. Tapping the center again will move them back. The hands will resume their positions automatically after one minute.

Tapping the bottom sub-dial will toggle your phone between normal and vibrate-only notifications modes if you are using the "WM Phone Notification Toggle" app (available on Google Play). Otherwise it will toggle the display between normal and all black.

In Stopwatch mode tapping the bottom sub-dial starts or stops and tapping the center resets.

Anyone who is comfortable with Watchmaker can define their own tap shortcuts. There are six pre-defined tap areas on the face. Look near the right end of the layer list for red squares with names that end in "User Definable Tap Action". You can change the Tap Action of those layers to whatever you want.

Under Settings you can choose different color combinations for the foreground and backgrounds. Note that changing the background color also sets a compatible foreground color, so you will want to set the background color first and then modify the foreground color setting.

Features shown in blue only appear if you are using the Weather Underground for Watchmaker app look for "WU for WM" on Google Play. Note that features for which no data is available will simply not be shown. For example, you will not see tide hands if you live in an area for which there is no tide data, even if you enable them and set WU for WM to include tide data.

Please email me if you have questions or run into problems. I will do what I can to help.

--Bob Quinlan