Orbital Weather: Release Notes

See the instructions file for general information.

Release Notes for 13.5:

Added an arrow tail to the wind hand, to clarify that wind direction is always given as the direction from which the wind is blowing.

Simplified the look of the Silent Night face.

Release Notes for 13.4:

Added an optional UTC (GMT) hand to the 24-hour sub-dial. Changed times on the Info screen from 24-hour to 12-hour format. Minor improvements and fixes.

Release Notes for 13.3:

Removed old version from the distribution.

Release Notes for 13.2:

Distribution app updated to meet new Google Play requirements.

Release Notes for 13.1:

Minor improvements, including a larger and easier to read pressure trend indicator.

Release Notes for 13.0:

Fixed issues with incorrect units being shown on Info screen when using built-in weather data.

Release Notes for 12.9:

Fixed issue with watches not loading into Watchmaker.

Release Notes for 12.8:

Added unit labels to the values on the Info display.

Release Notes for 12.7:

Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the moon phase to display incorrectly.

Release Notes for 12.6:

Workaround for a bug in Watchmaker that affected the burn-in avoidance.

Release Notes for 12.5:

Added a new text info screen for weather and astonomical information.

Minor improvements and fixes.

Release Notes for 12.4:

Fixed an issue with the measures that protect against burn-in.

This version shifts to a newer and more set of extended weather tags. You can use it right now with WW Dark Sky (available from https://apps.aslanrefuge.org), but I hope that other compatible apps for other weather services will eventually be available as well.

Release Notes for 12.3:

Minor fixes.

Release Notes for 12.2:

Minor tweaks to color settings.

This update brings the target APIs in the distribution app up to the level that is now required by Google Play.

Release Notes for 12.2:

Added falling snow to Christmas backgrounds.

Improved the app text.

Release Notes for 12.1:

Cleaned up layer titles.

Minor fixes.

Improved the app with a button that launches Watchmaker or Google Play.

Release Notes for 12.0:

The compass is now turned off by default. Most of the first generation watches had magnetic sensors, but that is no longer true. It is easy to turn on if your watch has one.

Moved the outsides of the tap areas inward slightly. Some launchers are activated by tapping along the edges.

Made the "app" that delivers the watch face files to Watchmaker into a real app. It will now show up in the phone's app list and will display instructions when run.

Minor fixes.

Release Notes for 11.9:

Further burn-in safety improvements.

Here are the details for the curious. In dim mode a mask is superimposed over the whole face where 5 pixels are black out of every 5x5 grid in a radial pattern. It is too fine to really see, but it turns some of the pixels that would normally be lit "off". The alignment of that grid is then shifted by one pixel every minute, which guarantees that no single pixel will ever be on for more than four minutes at a time.

Android Wear shifts the whole display around by ten pixels in dim mode anyway, but actuallly turning some pixels off on a rotating basis supplements that and provides more thorough coverage.

Release Notes for 11.8:

Improved burn-in safety. A lot of work had already gone into avoiding burn-in, but there were still a few specific sections of the face where further improvement was possible.

Release Notes for 11.7:

Added more foreground colors.

Improved light Christmas background.

Release Notes for 11.6:

Added yet more background color options.

Fixed several bugs releated to the new color options.

Note that changing the background color also sets a compatible foreground color, so you will want to set the background color first and then modify the foreground color setting.

Release Notes for 11.5:

Added ability to cycle through colors in either direction. Added more colors. Added two seasonal backgrounds for Christmas.

Release Notes for 11.4:

Added more color options. Fixed an error in the initial color cycle.